Our Supporters

A Huge thank you to the Herb Garden Community Café for hosting our SOUP parties, for free, to date.

Our next SOUP party in September 2018 will be testing our a new venue, the Holy Trinity Church community room.

At our parties, wonderful local businesses support us by donating soups so that we can keep our soup fans well fed. We always have a vegetarian, vegan and a gluten free option.

A heartfelt SOUPer THANK YOU to:

The Commodore Hotel
The Conservative Club
Dickens Wine Bar
Fabian’s Kitchen
The Lakeside Cafe
The Metropole Hotel
Sugar and Spice Cafe
Van’s Good Food Shop
and to ALDI for agreeing to donate ingredients for our home-made soups at EVERY SOUP party!

A huge thanks and sig shout out to ARVON ALES who donated profits from the sale of their Arvonoholics T shirts to SOUP to swell the prize funds and support the Random Acts of Kindness on-line SOUP. Thanks Laura and John.

And finally…..thanks to Steve Horwood from LOVE SOUND LTD who was inspired at our December SOUP to add a second prize to the Random Acts of Kindness on-line soup with his donation.

Phew! Aren’t we a lucky lot to be surround by such generosity!