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We welcome pitches from people and projects in Llandrindod Wells which benefit the town or the people of the town in some way.
It could be a business idea that will bring money into the town; a project that helps people in the town or an idea that improves an area of the town.

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Read about our past winners!

Powys Young Carers made a brilliant winning pitch for funds to buy some games and activities for their social nights where young people have get a break from their caring responsibilities.

Play Radnor gave the most energetic pitch we’ve seen and the audience rewarded them with their votes so they could commission local artists to transform some ugly fence panels around a prominent site in the town.

A couple of young local entrepreneurs pitched for funds to buy new equipment for their business The Popcorn People. They started trading in 2015 at the Llandrindod Youth Market selling flavoured popcorn and used their winnings to buy a crepe maker to expand their trading.

At SOUP, it isn’t just about winning the funding you pitch for. One pitcher asked for funds to make curtains for a new community education centre in Newbridge on Wye. Whilst she didn’t win the SOUP money, she went away with offers of material and people to make the curtains which meant that she achieved her project anyway!

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