Llandrindod SOUP is now Fuelled by Cake!

Fuelled by Cake – what’s that?

Well, a group of 5 friends – Samantha, Debbie, Diana, CeCe and Jude – came together to make a whole range of community things happen. There was Community Bingo during lock down, Llandrindod Well Done, Llandrindod BIG Lunches, Flicks in the Llandod Sticks, Llandrindod Lift Me Up, Snap Happy and of course Llandrindod SOUP which produced two books of recipes and stories and ran to awesome SOUPfest event.

So when we rolled all that activity up into one group we couldn’t think of a name that described and brought together all these things. So the obvious solution was to think about what described and brought us together – hence Fuelled by Cake!

Hop over to our Fuelled by Cake Facebook page for current info about events we are planning.

You can read more about all the local projects supported by Llandrindod SOUP between 2015 and 2020 HERE.