Llandrindod SOUPfest 22nd June!

We’re teaming up with the Radnor Fringe to create SOUPfest on 22nd June 2019 on Temple Gardens. We’ll be offering a guaranteed first prize of £1,000 and second prize of £500!!

If you’d like to pitch for funds at SOUPfest, to do something which will help in Llandrindod Wells or the surrounding villages CLICK HERE. If you want to get inspired why not look at the past winners of SOUP.

What is Llandrindod SOUP?

SOUP is a micro funding event, bringing together local people to support people with ideas that improve our community.

It’s a really simple concept, based on an idea that started in Detroit, and has since spread all over the world.

People donate a minimum of £3 to come along to an evening of live music and delicious soup. They listen to pitches from local people with ideas about how to make Llandrindod Wells and the surrounding villages a better place to live. Each pitch gets 4 minutes to win over the audience and the audience can ask the pitcher up to 4 questions about their idea. Whilst we eat our soup and listen to live local music, our audience decide which pitch they will vote for.

At the end of the night, the idea with the most votes takes away all of the donations to invest in their idea. Most winners walk away with between £100 and £200 and there’s usually a 1 in 4 chance of winning!

Find out more and apply!