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Reuse logoHere's a great way to reduce waste and support TLT at the same time. If you have an inkjet printer from Canon, Dell, HP or other popular makes your used cartridges could help us to raise funds. We have joined a scheme that handles a range of common cartridges which are supplied to UK-based companies for re-use.

How does it work?

You can either post your empty cartridges direct to the re-use centre (FreePost), or leave them with us at any one of our meetings.

Full instructions on how to send your cartridges are given on our own page on the scheme's site at

You can use the links on our ink2cash page to download and print out a Freepost postal label. If you write the label instead, please make sure you write our individual account number as the first line of the address so that we get the benefit from any cartridges you send in.

The Ink2Cash website now requires you to register your email address with them.  If you prefer not to do so please bring your empty cartridges along to one of our social monthly meetings.

Important: The scheme can not currently re-use all cartridges. If your cartridges are not all covered, the scheme provides a guide to how you can recycle other cartridges in the most environmentally friendly way.

You can recycle old mobile phones and other gadgets too!

Visit our ink2cash page and follow the instructions for recycling mobile phones or other gadgets.

As each item is dealt with individually, please don't bring phones or gadgets to meetings for us to recycle.

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... and also your old mobile phones and other gadgets.
Reduce waste and support TLT at the same time!

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