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Mapping poetry

We thank the author for her kind permission to publish this poem alongside our Green Map

CRACKS by Ruth Bidgood

In Penylan Road, Dinas Road, Pendref
pavements are cracking. People there
grumble, but are not much perturbed
at this little encroachment of chaos.
Washing cars, weeding paths, they cherish,
as long as they may, all
controllable things, and go on
making small memories.

Pavements are cracking. The lines form a pattern
like rivers or roads on maps. Here and there
through the cracks creep small plants,
embellishments such as old cartographers
added in corners and margins –
pygmy beasts, fruits, cherubs, flowers,
to complement their hazardous projections
with forms of tenacious life.

(from ‘the fluent moment’, published by Seren, 1996.
All rights reserved. Not for reproduction without prior permission of the author)

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