applewoodlogoThe Applewood Permaculture Centre in North Herefordshire has announced a number of Permaculture courses and other events taking place during 2017.  A poster giving details of all the courses is available.

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Roz Brown, who was our guest speaker at our July 2015 meeting on Forest Gardens, has kindly allowed us to share a couple of documents.

In her Forest Garden Wish List, Roz provides a list of trees and plants that she particularly recommends based on her experience of planning forest gardens.  The list is organised into a number of categories such as Trees, Shrubs, Roots, Herbs, Seeds, and so on, and is a great aid to planning a new forest garden or developing an existing forest garden.

In her Permaculture Questions leaflet, Roz provides answers to a number of questions asked about Permaculture.

Would you be interested in attending an introductory course on Permaculture to be held inthe Llandrindod area?  If so, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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