Tuesday 26th September, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Herb Garden Community Café

Free admittance includes hot drink and cake served at 7pm.
All are welcome!

The Road to a Zero Carbon Transport System

Time is running out for petrol and diesel engined cars. Their emissions have long been recognised as damaging to the environment. And the growing evidence of huge numbers of premature deaths due to air polution shows that change can't come too soon.

Our speakers for September are Bob Cumming and Bill Whyman of pioneering local company Riversimple Movement Ltd. They will share their vision of how battery and fuel cell electric vehicles may evolve and what is likely to become most appropriate for future transport systems.

About the speakers

Bob Cumming was formerly a marine engineer on nuclear submarines with a career of 24 years in the Royal Navy, followed by a design leadership and management role for Rolls Royce as part of the next generation nuclear propulsion plant development. He more recently moved into the fuel cell industry, developing solutions for the integration of large scale, stationary power generation into existing infrastructure, before realising the opportunity to become part of the Riversimple team with an ambition to deliver cutting edge technology into our everyday lives that changes the way we impact and interact with the natural resources of our planet.

Bill Whyman was previously an R&D technician with Riversimple responsible for building and manufacturing our prototypes and now leads our Procurement team. Before he joined Riversimple, he was a lecturer on motor vehicle technology. Truly Welsh, he has a big interest in sustainability and the future of Wales in a truly sustainable world.

Riversimple Movement Ltd is an award-winning innovator in the design and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles based in Llandrindod Wells.

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