Tuesday 23rd January, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Herb Garden Community Café

Free admittance and all are welcome!

The climate change battle is now getting to its critical phase. Some are optimistic about progress, but the Earth's normal climate systems are also starting to break down at an accelerating rate.

We invite you to an illustrated talk by Joe Botting who will review the latest evidence of the changing state of the world's climate and give his views on what is most likely to happen in the near future.

About the speaker

Joe Botting is a Llandrindod-based palaeontologist and naturalist, with a long interest in environmental matters.  He has been closely following material on climate change for many years and has previously given talks to the group on the latest developments.

You can download a poster to help promote this event and a leaflet that provides more information.

Further information

The film shown at the meeting was a TED talk by Al Gore on The case for optimism on climate change.

For a fuller analysis of current data see this lecture by Dr Aaron Thierry at the University of Sheffield

Zero Carbon Britain is a research project by the Centre for Alternative Technology that shows how a zero emissions society is possible and the steps we need to take to achieve it.


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