Tuesday 28th May 2019, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Herb Garden Cafe

Free admittance and all are welcome!

Powys Cohousing – creating a new vision for community led housing in WalesLILAC cohousing community in Leeds

Allan Shepherd is the first person in Wales to be employed by a local authority to facilitate the development of cohousing projects. Supported by the Welsh government through the Integrated Care Fund, and working with Powys County Council and the Wales Co-operative Centre, he’ll be meeting with groups across Powys to develop a network of people passionate about developing new affordable community led housing projects.

In his 30 minute talk Allan explains what cohousing is and how Powys Cohousing can help community groups set up their own projects. Using examples from across the world he will show how pioneering community groups have come up with different approaches to housing that help to tackle loneliness, social isolation and inadequate housing provision, whilst strengthening individual and community wellbeing. Having lived in a housing cooperative for five years he also has a wealth of real-life practical experience to offer. The talk will be followed by Q and A’s and resource sharing.

Allan is in the process of creating a Powys Cohousing web resource. If you want to know more about cohousing take a look at the UK Cohousing Network website https://cohousing.org.uk/

Please download and display a poster to help promote this event.

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