Guest speaker George MarshallTuesday 23rd June from 7pm to 9pm

at the Herb Garden Café, Llandrindod

We invite you to a very special meeting where George Marshall will be giving a talk based on his new best selling book:

Don't Even Think About It:
Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change

The most important book published on climate change in the past few years
George Monbiot, The Guardian

George's book provides a witty, insightful, and groundbreaking take on one of the most urgent questions of our time: Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change?

In his presentation George will talk about some of the many and varied reasons his research has uncovered for our inability to ignore this threat to our very existence.  He will also provide answers to some of the other intriguing questions that his research has thrown up, including

  • How will extreme weather events affect our attitude to climate change, and could they make us less concerned?
  • Why have scientists, normally the most trusted professionals in our society, become distrusted, hated, and the targets for violent abuse?
  • Why do the people who say climate change is too uncertain become more agitated about the threats of cell phones, meteorite strikes or alien invasion?
  • Why does having children make people less concerned about climate change not more

Admission to this special meeting is free.  A donation will be requested to contribute to the costs of refreshments.
A poster to help promote this event is available.  Please download and display.

GEorge Marshall - Don't Even Think About ItWith engaging stories and drawing on years of his own research, Marshall argues in his book that the answers do not lie in the things that make us different and drive us apart, but rather in what we all share: how our human brains are wired, our evolutionary origins, our perceptions of threats, our cognitive blindspots, our love of storytelling, our fear of death, and our deepest instincts to defend our family and tribe.

In the end, Don’t Even Think About It is about both climate change and the qualities that make us human and how we can grow as we deal with the greatest challenge we have ever faced.

George Marshall is one of the most interesting, challenging and original thinkers on thepsychology of our collective climate denial.
Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything

Over the past 25 years George Marshall has worked at all levels of the environmental movement, including many years in the US as a senior campaigner for Greenpeace US and the Rainforest Foundation. Working though the Oxford based Climate Outreach and Information Network, the charity he founded in 2004, he has become one of the leading European experts in climate change communications. He is a lead advisor to the Welsh Government and has led academic, government and campaign trainings around the world.

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