with Clive and Philippa Hedger

7.00pm, Tuesday 22nd March
Herb Garden Café

An illustrated Talk on Natural, Sustainable, Bee-Centred Beekeeping  and Bee Guardianship

Clive and Philippa currently look after 14 colonies of naturally kept bees in Builth Road.

In this talk they will share the wisdom and insights gained from their own experience and stress the importance of having the 'right relationship' with the bees.  The talk will also include practical information on first steps, equipment and skills needed to set up a hive and specific approaches to managing naturally kept hives.  They believe the heart of this is supporting bees as pollinators rather than honey producers.

Over the last 8 years they have helped many people to set up and keep bees in their gardens, and given on going mentoring along their journey as beekeepers. They promote a simple and easy, low maintenance approach to natural beekeeping.

They created a Sussex based natural beekeeping group that still meets regularly every month, with over 100 members and In 2014 successfully set up a British Black Bee sanctuary as part of a Sussex school, with 8 hives and an area for the creation of a bee friendly garden.

They work specifically with promoting a world where bees can thrive.

Clive and Philippa will be happy to answer your questions.

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