stock free growing

Tuesday 26th May from 7pm to 9pm

at the Herb Garden Café, Llandrindod

How might agriculture have to alter as a result of climate change?

What changes can we make now to reduce our impact on the environment?

Do you want to eat less meat, but are unsure how to begin?

Come to the Herb Garden to find out about stock-free organic growing and vegan and vegetarian cooking.

The meeting will include a presentation, food tasting, a short film and a discussion session.

The presenters are Dorienne Robinson and Sian Meredudd.

Dorienne has been a vegan for twenty years. She is a qualified teacher, therapist and chef, and has taught Vegan and Vegetarian cookery and nutrition. For her Masters Degree in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies she analysed the ability of Powys to feed its population in 2020 in the light of post peak oil and climate change. She also proved the ability to produce fruit and vegetables in Powys on a commercial scale by developing Allt Goch Organics at St Harmon, which became a centre for training and demonstration.

Sian became vegetarian in 1976 and ran a Vegan Society stand at the National Eisteddfod each year from 1986 till 2012.  She edited and mostly wrote a small bilingual magazine called the Wales Vegan/Figan Cymreig from 1985 till 2015 which has now moved to an online publication. As a member of Compassion in World Farming she learnt about stock free farming. She is a keen organic gardener and practices Vegan Organic Nurture and finds that no-dig gardening with the addition of mulches and compost on undisturbed soil works well for her, the worms and the produce!

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