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Our Spring planting day was a fantastic success! Here's a lovely photo of lots of the volunteers who came along to help, along with our press release.

About 40 people turned out on Easter Monday to plant trees, build compost bins and prune brambles at the new community orchard, the Llandrindod Pomarium. The volunteers planted apple, pear, cherry, plum, quince, walnut, elder and mulberry trees as well as blackcurrant, gooseberry, loganberry and redcurrant bushes. The trees and bushes were purchased with sponsorship from local businesses, organisations and individuals.
Joe Botting, one of the organisers, said “We have had a fantastic response from the Llandrindod community in terms of both sponsorship and practical help. Our generous sponsors have allowed us to obtain a good variety of plants, both familiar and more unusual. The orchard now contains approximately 60 plants, with room for many more! We hope that the project will develop over the next few years and become a useful resource for the town.”
The Pomarium is located at the southern end of the Alexandra playing fields (beside the Rock Park and next to the railway line). The project is licensed by Powys County Council, organised by Friends of Rock Park and Trawsnewid Llandrindod Transition, and supported by Llandrindod Town Council.
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