Llandrindod Transition would like to invite you to a Slow Sunday event on the 19th July 2015 at 'Cwmberwyn'. This is the second of our Slow Sundays for 2015 and will be an opportunity to reflect on the permaculture design introduced here in 2008.

CwmberwynCwmberwyn has seven acres of land backing onto the Carneddau hills and our aim has been to develop systems which can be low-maintenance whilst steadily improve soil fertility and bio-diversity.

CwmberwynWild areas are abundant in their life forms. When left to themselves they are the most sustainable , they are practising their own 'permaculture ', they are our teachers. This has encouraged us to allow wildness wherever we can and disturb it as little as possible.

Permaculture teaches us how to mimic the abundance of nature. Wherever we 'garden' we disturb this natural balance and increase our workload and our need to manage. Our aim is therefore to retain nature's balance whilst making the most use of its resources and living as sustainably as we can.

CwmberwynTimes and Directions

Please come between 10.30am and 11.00am for refreshments on your arrival.

At 11.00am there will be a short introductory talk about the permaculture systems and practices being developed.

This will be followed by a guided tour of about an hour. 

We hope you will bring a packed lunch so that there is time to discuss your ideas for further permaculture developments here.  There is also opportunity for you to walk over the Carneddau hills in the afternoon if you want to.

Directions : Directions to Cwmberwyn (LD1 5RU) are available here, or find us on Google Maps

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