Llandrindod Pomarium

Eich Perllan Gymunedol - Your Community Orchard

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Tree planting1:00pm on Sunday 1st November

TLT and Friends of Rock Park are jointly setting up a community orchard in Llandrindod. The orchard will be called Llandrindod Pomarium (Pomarium is the Latin word for orchard; there are Roman remains near the orchard site), with the subtitle of “Your Community Orchard: Fruit for Free”.

Friends of Rock Park have agreed a licence for the site with Powys County Council and will handle the financial/legal side of things. TLT and FORP will jointly take care of the actual running of the project. At present there are three people from both organisations in charge of operations: Hilary Macauley, Joe Botting, and Lucy Muir. We would welcome more people to be involved in the planning and running of the project: please contact any of us if you are interested.

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